SLPA 2 (October 4th 12–5pm)

Saturday October 4th 12–5pm at Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton (Registration / Doors Open 11am)

The government’s austerity program is destroying the welfare state. Most people’s living standards have been slashed. Millions are forced into poverty while the Tories’ friends get richer and richer.

The South London People’s Assembly will bring together all those oppossed to the government’s austerity policies. We’ll discuss the fight against austerity and how we can develop alternatives to it.

Last year over 300 people came to the Assembly at Goldsmiths in New Cross to discuss the way forward for the movement.

This year’s event will be happening in Brixton in the heart of South London and will bring together people to talk and to launch campaigning initiatives on housing, public services and the living wage.

We’ll have both nationally and locally known speakers and local campaigns such as the Lambeth College strike and the Ritzy Living Wage strike. There’ll be workshops such as Defending Public Services, Austerity and the Rise of Racism, London’s Housing Crisis and Benefit Justice.

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