The South London People’s Assembly is a political organisation that seeks to further the agenda of the National People’s Assembly in South London.

“We have a plain and simple goal: to make the government abandon its “austerity programme” and if it will not, to replace it with one that will.” Tony Benn, People’s Assembly, June 2013

Our current activities involve:

  1. Organising a South London People’s Assembly conference event on the 7th December 2013
  2. Co-ordinating South London activities for the Bonfire Against Austerity on the 5th November 2013
  3. Providing a network to individual South London campaigns, connecting them with other South London campaigns and national campaigns.

Our activities are guided by our mission statement.

Our general meeting are open to all and we are always looking for people to join and help shape the organisation.  Check the details of the next meeting or sign up using the form on this page to keep updated.